Chief Strategy Officer


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The Chief Strategy Officer leads the development and execution of strategic initiatives in clinical and program areas implementing data-driven quality improvement functions. The CSO communicates and implements the organization’s strategy internally and externally so that all employees and partners understand the strategic direction and how it carries out the agency’s overall goals. He/she inspires commitment to clear strategic plans driving immediate change while leading decision making that sustains organizational change. He/she balances strategy formulation and execution exercising influence at all levels of the organization. He/she both leads and directly executes tasks that result in the outcomes required using rapid cycle change and learn strategies as well as other proven effective methods.

The CSO leads quality improvement, quality assurance and compliance activities, managed care contracting and relationships, accreditation, and healthcare business development. The CSO leads the implementation of the Vision process, promoting organizational values and commitment to the development of employees as leaders throughout the corporation. The CSO partners to lead the development of the budget and to ensure innovation and quality service delivery for over 8000 people per year. The CSO advises on administration and operations of the organizational system and partners to provide supervision, training, and guidance to a staff of 1400 and daily management of the $85 million budget. The CSO is accountable directly to the CEO on the implementation of strategic initiatives, development of programs and strategic relationships, quality improvement initiatives, and overall operations.

ESSENTIAL FUNCTIONS: Executive Leadership and Communication

  • Develops, communicates, executes, and sustains strategic initiatives.
  • Leads implementation of the Vision and values and development of leaders at all levels throughout the corporation.
  • Provides leadership to the Leadership Council, Senior and Middle leadership teams in conjunction with the Chief Executive Officer and Chief Operating Officer.
  • Advises the Chief Executive Officer, COO, and the Boards of Directors on clinical, quality, administrative, and corporate matters of the corporations.
  • Represents and advocates for the organization in the community with the healthcare industry, political officials, the general public and the media.
  • Performs duties of the Chief Executive Officer during his or her absence or on his or her behalf as requested.

ESSENTIAL FUNCTIONS: Corporate Responsibilities

  • Ensures broad input into the development of the Corporate Strategic Plan and the specific objectives to achieve Corporate Key Performance Indicators. Evaluates Corporate Plan progress and facilitates strategies to accomplish results.
  • Reviews analysis of activities, cost, operations, metrics, and forecasts data to determine progress toward strategic goals and amends direction and strategies as required. Confers with the Chief Executive Officer and Chief Operating Officer to review achievements and determine required changes in goals and objectives.
  • Partners to lead the development of the corporate budget ensuring broad input and analysis to develop and implement an accurate spending plan and revenue targets that ensure continued financial viability and future operational and capital resources.
  • Leads the development, collection, and use of metrics, ensuring reliable, valid, and informative data is used to drive quality improvement and change in operations and results for the people served and the organization.
  • Communicates directly with employees throughout the corporation to provide education regarding Corporate Vision and values, Strategic Initiatives, Key Performance Indicators and budget goals and outcomes.

ESSENTIAL FUNCTIONS: Quality Improvement, Quality Assurance, and Corporate Compliance Administration

  • Leads the quality improvement initiatives of the organization using data to improve processes and results. Ensures that quality results and improvement efforts meet the standards of payers and external accreditors. Uses rapid cycle change and learn strategies to drive action and evaluation and continuous improvement.
  • Provides executive oversight of the Quality Assurance function of the agency including Incident Review and collaboration with the Justice Center, the process to understand and implement regulatory requirements and accomplish successful certification and accreditation, and nationally endorsed self-monitoring activities.
  • Directs the implementation of Utilization Review and Utilization Management to ensure the level of care criteria are met and service delivery is appropriate for the needs of recipients and the requirements of all payers.
  • Performs the role of Compliance Officer administering the Corporate Compliance program to ensure reporting, investigation, and correction of all violations, as well as staff training, policy and procedure development, auditing and monitoring, medical policy, and guidance and discipline.

ESSENTIAL FUNCTIONS: Human Resources Administration

  • Partners with CEO and COO to support the Leadership Council in the development of the staffing plan, training, and skill development for the corporation to ensure capacity and resources to implement strategic initiatives and program services.
  • Supports the development of employee appreciation, recognition and retention programs, as well as training, guidance and career development for employees.
  • Partners to implement salary administration plan including implementation of the Incentive Program to recognize true excellence and alignment with performance based results.

ESSENTIAL FUNCTIONS: Service Delivery Leadership

  • Partners with CEO and COO to support the Leadership Council to provide oversight to the leadership of clinical and program operations and plans for future growth, expansion and succession to ensure maximum use of human, technological, and physical resources, utilizing evidence-based practices, to achieve effectiveness and efficiency in service delivery.
  • Ensures quality service delivery and healthcare to thousands of service recipients, facilitating integrated community services, well designed to meet each recipient’s needs.
  • Negotiates and administers contracts related to service delivery, including the fee for services managed care contracts and value-based contracting, seeking the advice of legal counsel and guidance of the CEO and the CFO.
  • Partners to develop a growth and operational plan for the agency that will ensure success and secures service expansion opportunities to meet the needs of the community and supports the operations of the organization. Develops proposals and implementation plans for new and innovative service delivery.

ESSENTIAL FUNCTIONS: External Relationship Development

  • Collaborates with healthcare companies with which the organization has established partnerships and business initiatives ensuring successful results for the people served, the partnerships, and the organization.
  • Develops alliances with government and elected officials to promote the success and opportunities for the organization.
  • Serves as one of the organization’s spokespersons in promoting the organization and its vision and service and business solutions.

ESSENTIAL FUNCTIONS: Board Administration and Support

  • Presents, in conjunction with the Chief Executive Officer and Chief Operating Officer to the Boards of Directors on corporate strategic initiatives, finances, quality, workforce, and clinical and program innovation and operations.
  • Executive liaison to Boards of Directors. Collaborates, advises and implements policies and programs in conjunction with Executive and Program and Human Resources Committees.


  • Perform as a strategy developer and implementer
  • Drive decision-making that creates medium- and long-term improvement.
  • Establish and review key strategic priorities and translating them into a comprehensive strategic plan.
  • Use data to inform change.
  • Use rapid cycle change, lean and other proven strategies to drive effective change.
  • Monitor the execution of the strategic plan.
  • Facilitate and driving key strategic initiatives through inception phase.
  • Develop inclusive planning processes.
  • Translate strategies into actionable and quantitative plans.
  • Mobilize and managing teams of individuals charged with executing strategies.
  • Act as a resource across an organization to increase broad cohesion for strategic plans.
  • Act as a Change Agent ensuring interdepartmental support for decisions.
  • Lead formal leaders, and staff inspiring excellence.
  • Partner to lead development and implementation of $85 million total budget in a multi-corporate environment.
  • Develop External Relationships within the Healthcare industry and community to ensure opportunities for innovation and service delivery that promotes healthy communities.


Master’s or Ph.D. degree in a clinical discipline and NYS licensure, with ten to fifteen years related progressively responsible leadership and change management experience in a similar industry including Executive level responsibility. A Master’s degree in healthcare administration with compelling experience may be considered.


  • Development and implementation of Strategic initiatives at an executive level.
  • Project management and change management expertise.
  • Demonstrated Clinical competence and understanding of healthcare innovation and reform.
  • Experience leading or collaborating with Human Resources and Quality Assurance functions of a complex organization
  • Proven experience in managing, directing, guiding and leading senior staff in a diverse organization.
  • Ability to ensure attention to multiple priorities and implement projects while maintaining focus and depth in key areas.
  • Demonstrated ability to develop and lead quality improvements.
  • Demonstrated ability to drive data-informed change.
  • Demonstrated ability to analyze and interpret professional research and government requirements to set standards and improve service delivery.
  • Superior written, oral, interpersonal, and presentation skills.
  • Extensive knowledge of healthcare including rehabilitation and behavioral health treatment service delivery, child welfare and community support services.
  • Extensive experience in local, state and national healthcare funding policies, rules, regulations, processes, and formulas.
  • Exceptional relationship development skills and ability to engage government and community leaders and the Boards of Directors.
  • Superior conceptual, analytical, change management, and organizational skills.
  • Extensive experience in managing and directing complex situations and synthesizing ambiguous information to solve problems and develop solutions.
  • Knowledge and skills in facilitating partnerships with collaborative businesses to ensure excellent value in healthcare delivery.
  • Financial analysis and management skills including the development and implementation of budgets and analysis of financial reports.
  • Demonstrated business acumen.
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